Our Staff

  • Name Position Responsibilties
    David Briggs Headteacher School Leadership and overall management of the school
    Gilly Paterson Deputy Head EYFS
    Parent Partnerships
    Personal Wellbeing
    Mick Beck Assistant Headteacher
    Year 5 Teacher
    Curriculum and Attainment
    Danielle Marks Assistant Headteacher SENCO
    Pupil Premium
    Miss Hyman Year 6 Teacher MFL leader and international partnerships
    Miss Morley Year 6 Teacher Gifted and Talented
    Mr Roantree Year 6 Teacher
    Miss Hodgetts Year 5 Teacher
    Miss Cornish Year 5 Teacher NQT
    Mr Poli Year 5 Teacher NQT
    Mr Narborough Year 4 Teacher History and Geography Leader
    Mr Bradley Year 4 Teacher ICT Leader
    Forest Schools Leader
    Miss Wright Year 4 Teacher Music Leader
    Miss Gutteridge Year 3 Teacher
    Mr McLaughlin Year 3 Teacher
    Mrs Down Year 3 Teacher
    Miss Piper Year 3 Teacher
    Mrs Rowe Year 2 Teacher RE Leader
    Mrs Watson Year 2 Teacher Student Support Outdoor Learning
    Miss Lenton Year 2 Teacher NQT
    Miss Williamson Year 1 Teacher
    Mrs Bailey Year 1 Teacher PHSE Leader
    Phonics and Early Reading Leader
    Miss Jeffrey Year 1 Teacher NQT
    Miss Hancock Foundation Teacher Early Years
    Mrs Tamgumus Foundation Teacher Multiculturism and British Values
    Mrs Farnham Foundation Teacher
    Mrs Wright Foundation Teacher PE and Healthy Living
    Mr Kostecki PE and Sports Teacher
  • Name Position Responsibilities
    Mrs Pinborough HLTA
    Mrs Lafferty Cover Supervisor
    Miss Pearce Cover Supervisor
    Mrs Lakin Cover Supervisor
    Mr Swift Sports Coach
    Mr Price Sports Apprentice
    Miss Hirst Learning Support Assistant
    Miss Hartley Learning Support Assistant
    Miss Harris Learning Support Assistant
    Mrs Sansome Learning Support Assistant
    Mrs Darlison Learning Support Assistant
    Mrs Kandola Learning Support Assistant
    Mrs Spencer Learning Support Assistant
    Miss Littlejohn Learning Support Assistant
    Mrs Johnson Learning Support Assistant
    Mrs Taheri Nursery Nurse
    Mrs Carson Nursery Nurse
    Mrs Blackwell Teaching Assistant
    Mr Campton Teaching Assistant
    Mrs Castledine Teaching Assistant
    Miss Pearson Teaching Assistant
    Mrs Marsh Administrator Assistant
    Mrs Rose Administrator Assistant
    Mrs Adams Office Manager
    Mrs Jordan Finance Assistant
    Mr Ball Site Manager
    Mrs Anderson Midday Manager
    Mrs Gibbons Midday Supervisor
    Mrs Kempster Midday Supervisor
    Mrs Bennett Midday Supervisor
    Mrs Masters Midday Supervisor
    Miss McDonald Midday Supervisor
    Miss Leighton Midday Supervisor
    Mrs Nicholson Midday Supervisor
    Mrs White Midday Supervisor