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  • Castleton Day 4 2018

    Last night was voted the shortest sleep in history! Many felt that they had only just closed their eyes when it was time to get up! We set a new record for the number of rooms having to be woken for breakfast but the breakfast is well worth getting out of bed for.

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  • Castleton Day 3 2018

    What a difference a day makes! We had to be woken at 7:00am, as we were in danger of missing breakfast (which may have been a blessing for your writer’s waistline!). Everyone had slept well and for a very long time! Slowly, we made our way to breakfast, where after demolishing the huge amount of food we were offered, we were told which of the exciting activities we would be up to today.

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  • Castleton Day 2 2018

    After a wild and windy night our first morning in Castleton dawned bright and breezy with 73 sleepy children having to be roused from their beds. A remarkable first! A few rooms, after the excitement of the first night, were a little bit sleepier than others! After a quick room inspection, a very close run thing with the boys being victorious (hard to believe I know!), we made our way to the canteen for the first breakfast of the week.

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  • Castleton Day 1 2018

    After our sunny but slightly slow departure, we made good time and made it to Castleton in plenty of time to unload our bags and find the centre staff had taken pity on us and come to collect our luggage with the mini bus and trailer. This made the walk up the lane far lighter and quicker and we were soon walking up the driveway of Chez Castleton our accommodation for the next few days.

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  • Parent Satisfaction Survey

    At Kibworth Primary School we really value your opinions.

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  • DSAT Awards 2018

    The tickets have been sent, the trophies are engraved and the gold envelopes securely locked away! We’re anticipating another great evening at the King Power Stadium on Friday 29th June when the winners of each of our DSAT Awards will be announced.

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