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  • Castleton Day 4 2019

    On opening the curtains this morning, the sun of yesterday had disappeared but at least there was no rain on the horizon. Energy levels were boosted by the fresh-faced Miss Parrot and Mrs Paterson who were eager to tackle their first activity after their arrival last night.

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  • Castleton Day 3 2019

    What a difference a day makes – Year 6 woke up this morning to a cloudless blue sky and were looking forward to a day of activities in the sun! After speedily being fed and watered, it was off on foot or bus to the various activities.

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  • Castleton Day 2 2019

    Despite the excitement of our first day in Castleton, the children were soon fast asleep in their bunks last night. For many, the 7am wake up call was a bit of a shock and there were some bleary eyes wandering the corridors of the Hollowford Centre this morning.

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  • Castleton Day 1 2019

    After a little bit of a delayed start, Year 6 made good time up the M1 and arrived in Castleton just before lunch - ready and raring to go! With a little bit of teamwork, bags were transferred from the coaches to the waiting minibuses which then whisked our belongings off up to the Hollowford Centre.

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  • Let Your Light Shine 2019

    On Friday the 20th of September, we held our launch day for our new school vision “Let Your Light Shine”.

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  • Castleton Day 3 2018

    What a difference a day makes! We had to be woken at 7:00am, as we were in danger of missing breakfast (which may have been a blessing for your writer’s waistline!). Everyone had slept well and for a very long time! Slowly, we made our way to breakfast, where after demolishing the huge amount of food we were offered, we were told which of the exciting activities we would be up to today.

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