Castleton Day 3 2017

Dorm room doors had to be knocked on a fair few times this morning to wake Year 6 from their slumbers. One of the boys’ rooms even managed to have half an hour extra lie in but that was purely Mr Price’s fault as he had forgotten to knock on one door.

However, on hearing that Mr Price accompanies his wake up call with a singing rendition – Taylor Swift yesterday- maybe that particular room were lucky to be have been left to sleep!

Another fantastic breakfast and after experiencing a full day of activities yesterday, the children made sure they took in enough sustenance to power them through another jam packed morning! Despite the mist, wind and rain, another two groups scaled the heights of Mam Tor and made excellent time along the ridge and down the broken road.

Around the centre, there was 100% success on the Leap of Faith, like monkeys, the children scaled the telegraph pole and leapt to the trapeze! Sadly, some staff looked more like baboons! There was not 100% success in catching the trapeze but that is why it called the Leap of Faith and not the Trapeze Grab!

There were more selection processes for the navy taking place on the pond. Two groups competed against each other to make the best raft, sail it on its maiden voyage, reach the pontoon and carry out 10 start jumps. It was easy to pick out the winning team! The losers dripped their way back for a shower wishing they have their competitors superior knot tying skills.

Another great lunch with a superb dessert: mars bar rice krispie cake – Miss Hyman will be asking for the recipe to take home with her and enter into the DSAT baking completion.

The afternoon bought another range of challenges and some more mud. Down at the weaselling, the holes appeared smaller (or maybe that was just lunch!) but with the renewed vigour of we were quickly wiggling our way in and out of the rocks and squeezing ourselves through the holes. One or two weasels looked more like coal miners by the end of the session!

The fair weather enabled the accent of Mam Tor in record time and it did make archery rather easier. Funny, however much practice one does on the Wii, it never quite prepares you for the real thing! Our next remarkable feat was to get all ten assailers over the edge and down the bridge, becoming the first group to get a full house this week. Millers Dale provided a very scenic location for abseiling. Thanks to some great encouragement, the group made it down the bridge – very speedily in fact and we even had one child who proclaimed that they their height phobia has now been cured!

If it’s not mud and water, it’s great heights! The high ropes involve extraordinary team work, as one child works their way around a series of obstacles and high wires attached to a safety line, another pair belay them, taking in the slack of the rope and moving along with them. The climbing wall tests the ability to choose a correct route and reach the top via numerous different options. Once everyone has got the hang of the climbing, teamwork again takes over as we belay each other down to terra firma again. I am told that a number of fears were overcome on the climbing wall and eventually some of the trickier routes were conquered.

Another afternoon ended with another fantastic dinner. Today was toad in the hole. Before the great excitement of our evening; Miss Hyman’s Big Games Challenge. After many rounds of Pictionary, articulation, scrabble, countdown and other big board games our champions were crowned before, exhausted but happy we retired to bed to prepare for another full day tomorrow.

More photos tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.

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