Castleton Day 4 2017

Last night was voted the shortest sleep in history! Many felt that they had only just closed their eyes when it was time to get up! We set a new record for the number of rooms having to be woken for breakfast but the breakfast is well worth getting out of bed for.

Today was the final rotation of activities and we had our early rising rewarded with some glorious weather. A slight surprise after the great storm the night before. So, with great resolve, we collected our clothes from the drying room, some brave souls even decided shorts were the order of the day and we were ready for another action packed day.

Another fantastic breakfast and after experiencing a full day of activities yesterday, the children made sure they took in enough sustenance to power them through another jam packed morning! Despite the mist, wind and rain, another two groups scaled the heights of Mam Tor and made excellent time along the ridge and down the broken road.

The activities were well received again and everyone woke up rather quickly as they hit the first muddy puddle of the day! We are making quick progress with our activities, as we are now experts at attaching ourselves to karabiners and belaying ropes. Our knot tying is improving too! Many rafts have set sail this week to differing degrees of success! But it was the intrepid explorers who set of up Mam Tor that take the prize for overcoming challenges and facing them with a smile. The weather was sunny as they left the centre for the 516m ascent of Mam Tor via Hollins Cross. It didn’t take long before a number of layers were being removed and they pressed on determined to reach the summit. A beautiful walk along the ridge took them to their goal and a glorious panorama of the Hope Valley. After admiring the view and a few photos we set of on our descent. This year we were able to take the harder route down the side of Mam Tor and after an exploration of the broken road we all returned ready for lunch and with an intrepid tale or two of their conquering of the hill!

There were more selection processes for the navy taking place on the pond. Two groups competed against each other to make the best raft, sail it on its maiden voyage, reach the pontoon and carry out 10 start jumps. It was easy to pick out the winning team! The losers dripped their way back for a shower wishing they have their competitors superior knot tying skills.

Lunch was a mountain of pizza, almost as high as Mam Tor! After a brief pause to change to our waterproofs and boots the centre had lent us, it was time to scale Mam Tor again, weasel a final hole and abseil our final route.

Once we arrived back from our activities and cleaned all our equipment, the teachers were greeted by hoards of perplexed looking children. They had a spare five minutes and didn’t know what to do with it! It was the first spare five minutes all week. This was quickly resolved, with the time filled power packing and trying to reclaim all the clothes that have been filling up the drying room. Lost property currently stands at 3 odd socks. These will become the prize for tonight’s eagerly anticipated Bingo Bonanza.

Dinner was chicken pie followed by, everybody’s favourite, chocolate brownies and ice cream, (I think I saw some of the older boys having two pieces for old time’s sake!). What will we do next week? After a final trip to the drying room to reclaim the final soggy shoe it was time... although some begged for bed by 8; there was no escape from retail therapy!

After spending our money, we were then entertained by our resident Bingo caller Mrs Pinborough. An after show party was held in the Green Corridor with everyone utterly enjoying another visit to Mrs Lakin’s Hot chocolate emporium for some well earned refreshments. We then headed to bed for our final night! "zzz zzz"

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