Castleton Day 2 2018

After a wild and windy night our first morning in Castleton dawned bright and breezy with 73 sleepy children having to be roused from their beds. A remarkable first! A few rooms, after the excitement of the first night, were a little bit sleepier than others! After a quick room inspection, a very close run thing with the boys being victorious (hard to believe I know!), we made our way to the canteen for the first breakfast of the week.

Like our dinner last night, food was plentiful and delicious – the children could not believe their luck when they were informed that they could have cereal as well as a full cooked breakfast! One was heard to remark ‘this is better than Premier Inn!’ With our first full day of activities ahead most took up both options!

After a quick turnaround, all groups were helmeted, harnessed or waterproofed up for the morning’s activity. The overnight wind was still blowing but had reduced in its ferocity and blew away any cobwebs that were remaining. Everyone had a great morning, generally to the tune of that intrepid phrase “I can’t” shortly followed by a surprised look and a cry of “I did”.

Although the wind made a change to some our walking plans in the morning, our intrepid walkers still found a challenging route if not at the altitude. The weasels had some slight assistance being blown through a few holes and also enjoyed some of the fabulous views that the Peak District has to offer whilst scrambling over, through and under ancient rock formations! The sailors were glad to be taking precautions, as Noah did. The archers found the going tough into a head wind but there were a number of bullseyes scored. Once we turned around, we did have a bit of luck in finding someone else’s lost arrow, whilst searching for one of our own wind assisted efforts.

Soon enough it was time to eat again, a recurring feature of the trip, this time it was a mountain of toasted sandwiches as high as Mam Tor. These didn’t last long and before we knew it, we were ready to set off for our afternoon activities.

Each group rotated round to the next activity and thus ensured a whole new experience for everyone before the afternoon was out. Fortunately, the rain gods had decided to stay away and we endured a breezy but enjoyable afternoon.

Fortunately by the afternoon, the wind had died down enough for one of the groups to become the first to scale the 517m summit of Mam Tor and despite the breeze and the high slopes, the sun came out showcasing the amazing views across Hope and Edale Valley. They returned to the centre full of pride of their achievement if not very tired!

The sailors returned to the centre and filled the drying room to bursting point and turned the heaters up to full. After another trip to the shower for the few unfortunate souls who had found the wrong side of the poles on the assault course and those whose knots on the raft weren’t quite as secure as they needed to be, we found ourselves in the dining room again. Another choice to make: was it roast chicken or cod? Everyone chose, returned for seconds and still had room for cornflake tart and custard.

Next to the great excitement of our evening: Miss Hyman’s Big Games Challenge. After five rounds of Pictionary, Taboo, charades and other big board games favourites, our champions were crowned before, exhausted but happy, we retired to bed to prepare for another full day tomorrow.

We’ll update you with day 3 news as soon as possible.

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