Castleton Day 4 2018

Last night was voted the shortest sleep in history! Many felt that they had only just closed their eyes when it was time to get up! We set a new record for the number of rooms having to be woken for breakfast but the breakfast is well worth getting out of bed for.

Today was the final rotation of activities and we had our early rising rewarded with some glorious weather. So with great resolve, we collected our equipment from the stores, some brave souls (well both Mr Swift’s anyway) even decided shorts were the order of the day and we were ready for another action packed day.

The activities were well received again and everyone woke up rather quickly as they hit the first muddy puddle of the day! We are making quick progress with our activities, as we are now experts at attaching ourselves to karabiners and belaying ropes. Our knot tying is improving too! Many rafts have set sail this week to differing degrees of success!

The Leap of Faith is a daredevil part of the High ropes course. Not for the faint of heart but we are finding that we have bought with us many bold adventurers, willing to throw themselves, literally, into everything. A fear defying climb up a single poll is followed by a tricky manoeuvre to get oneself into a standing position. Having undertaken this petrifying stand. It is time to eye up the target of a trapeze bar, just pot of reach. It is then time for our budding acrobats to launch themselves into the air, hoping to catch the bar and hang in mid-air. Many have made the jump and a few make the leap! Luckily both the successful and unsuccessful have their teammates manning the belays of their safety lines to ensure a safe return to earth.

Up on the archery field we discovered our very own modern-day Robin Hood. With remarkable accuracy for a first attempt, a score of 106 out of 120 reminded everyone that challenging themselves and finding new skills was the aim of the week. Having carried our champion from the field, we ready to eat again!

Lunch was a mountain of pizza, which almost defeated us – but not quite! After a brief pause to change to our clothes and boots the centre had lent us, it was time to scale Mam Tor again, weasel a final hole and abseil our final route. The final rafts were sunk (again the Mr Swift’s seemed to have a hand in this) and our last intrepid sailors swam ashore.

Once we arrived back from our activities and cleaned all our equipment, the teachers were greeted by hoards of perplexed looking children. They had a spare five minutes and didn’t know what to do with it! It was the first spare five minutes all week. This was quickly resolved, with the time filled power packing and trying to reclaim all the clothes that have been filling up the drying room. Lost property currently stands at 3 odd socks. These will become the prize for tonight’s eagerly anticipated Bingo Bonanza

Dinner was steak pie followed by, everybody’s favourite, sticky toffee pudding, (I think I saw some of the older boys having two pieces for old time’s sake!). What will we do next week? Our amazing cooks Dolly and Bertha have shown us the way to our hearts. After a final trip to the drying room to reclaim the final soggy shoe it was time... although some begged for bed by 8; there was no escape from retail therapy!

After spending our money, we were then entertained by our resident Bingo caller Mrs Pinborough. Although there was some consternation at the lack of cash prizes, a great night was had by all. Once the fun was over we then headed to bed for our final nigh zzz zzz

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