Year 6 - Castleton Residential - Day 2

Another update from our Year 6 residential in Castleton.

Everyone had a good night’s sleep and some were awake early to join the queue for a shower! Of course early is a relative term. At 1.30am, staff were woken by some noise in one of the rooms. On investigation, they found the occupants getting up, brushing hair, cleaning teeth and donning activity clothes. On further investigation, it was discovered the clock on one of the cameras read 7 o’clock and therefore they believed it to be the time they had been asked to get up! Others, generally of the male persuasion had to be woken at 7am in fear of them missing breakfast.

The weather was murky at best, with no sign of much of the fantastic Derbyshire countryside. Everyone arrived in the dining room eager for a good breakfast. After demolishing a hearty cooked breakfast we were ready for another strenuous day.

A quick visit to the stores to collect vital equipment such as helmets, harnesses and waterproof trousers we set off to our activities. Every group had a full morning trying something new including weaseling, climbing, abseiling and archery. The pioneers of our well planned walk to Mam Tor set off and although the top was not visible as they left after the long ascent, the clouds cleared giving them a spectacular view of the Hope Valley. The rain sadly reappeared but it didn’t dampen our spirit and everyone had a great morning, generally to the tune of that intrepid phrase “I can’t” shortly followed by a surprised look and a cry of “I did”. Soon enough it was time to eat again, a recurring feature of the trip, this time it was chicken wraps. These didn’t last long and before we knew it we were ready to set off for our afternoon activities.

Each group rotated round to the next activity and thus ensured a whole new set of wet clothes heading to the drying room before the afternoon was out. Unfortunately, the rain gods had decided it was time for another show and we endured a damp but enjoyable afternoon. The weaselers had some slightly bigger puddles to slide through and the sailors were glad to be taking precautions, as Noah did. We were convinced it was drier on the pond than on the land. On returning to the centre we filled the drying room to bursting point and turned the heaters up to full. After another trip to the shower for the few unfortunate souls who had found the wrong side of the poles on the assault course and those whose knots on the raft weren’t quite as secure as they needed to be! We found ourselves in the dining room again. Another choice to make, was it Cornish pasty or fish cakes? Everyone chose, returned for seconds and still had room for jelly and ice cream.

We managed to roll (literally) out of the dining room and it was time for the eagerly anticipated visit to the Bingo emporium for our world famous Big Bingo night! The Bingo was a roaring success, (although there was some consternation at the lack of cash prizes!) and finally everyone drifted off to bed for a well earned sleep!

More photos tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.

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