At Kibworth Primary School we offer children the opportunity to learn in a range of ways. We believe children should understand where their food comes from and how to lead a healthy life. That they should learn a range of life skills. We have an allotment where we grow fruit and vegetables throughout the year. The children have worked to set up our allotment measuring and digging the path ways and beds. Some of our children even helped construct the bench inside our poly tunnel! They drew plans, worked out how much wood they needed and then using woodworking and maths skills constructed the bench. The children take part in planning what we grow, preparing the ground, planting the seeds, planting out, looking after the plants and harvesting the food. Some of our food is sold to the parents and some is used by our children when they are cooking either food technology lessons or cooking clubs. The children monitor the temperature in our poly tunnel and on the allotment. They also keep a running record of the weather conditions and the amount of rainfall. We also have chickens. The children take care of them, cleaning them out, feeding them and collecting the eggs. The eggs are sold to pay for the food the chickens eat.

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