Term Dates

Term Dates

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

  • August Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2020
    School Opens Wednesday 26th August 2020
    Mid-Term Break Friday 16th to Friday 23rd October 2020 School Opens Monday 26st October 2020
    School Closes Friday 18th December 2020
    Number of School Days 79
  • School Opens Wednesday 6th January 2021
    School Closes Thursday 11th February 2021
    Mid-Term Break Friday 12th to Friday 19th February 2021 School Opens Monday 22nd February 2021
    School Closes Thursday 25th March 2021
    Number of School Days 65
  • School Opens Monday 12th April 2021
    May Day Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 2021
    Mid-Term Break Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021 School Opens Monday 7th June 2021
    School Closes Friday 9th July 2021
    Number of School Days 50
    Total School Days 194
  • Autumn Term Monday 24th August 2020 Tuesday 25th August 2020 Friday 16th October 2020
    Spring Term Monday 4th January 2021 Tuesday 5th January 2021 Friday 12th February 2021 Friday 26th March 2021
    All teacher days have been set

Future Term Dates

  • School Opens Wednesday 25th August 2021
    August Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 2021
    School Closes Thursday 14th October 2021
    Mid-Term Break Friday 15th to Friday 22nd October 2021 School Opens Monday 25th October 2021
    School Closes Friday 17th December 2021
  • School Opens Wednesday 5th January 2022
    School Closes Thursday 10th February 2022
    Mid-Term Break Friday 11th to Friday 18th February 2022 School Opens Monday 21st February 2022
    School Closes Thursday 7th April 2022
  • School Opens Monday 25th April 2022
    May Day Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2022
    School Closes Thursday 26th May 2022
    Mid-Term Break Friday 27th May to Friday 3rd June 2022 School Opens Monday 6th June 2022
    School Closes Friday 8th July 2022
  • Autumn Term Monday 23rd August 2021 Tuesday 24th August 2021 Friday 15th October 2021
    Spring Term Tuesday 4th January 2022 Friday 11th February 2022 Friday 8th April 2022 Friday 27th May 2022
    All teacher days have been set

For future term dates, please visit the Leicestershire County Council Website. *Disclaimer* These should only be used as guidance as the academy is able to set its own term dates

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